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Le Bataclan (view)

Mechanised - Tour Logo

Bataclan, Paris, France

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Mechanised Europe Tour in 2009

Various audience recordings in audio and video format are
in circulation among the fanbase, see also Le Bataclan 2009
and Jamais Seul.

For photos, remarks, reviews and everything
check out this thread on Heartland...

Le Bataclan - Marquee


Ticket - unused

First Encore

Second Encore

A Few Additionals

Ticket stub    * thanks for this to dtsom
The Sisters live @Bataclan 2009 - Part I
The Sisters live @Bataclan 2009 - Part II
The Sisters live @Bataclan 2009 - Part III

Our thanks for these videos go to doctoravalanche...


The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love (1992)
Le Bataclan

On Friday, November 13th, 2015

Bataclan became the target of terrorist attacks

as the venue was allegedly "a host for parties of perversion"

with the result of more than 80 visitors killed and dozens heaviliy injured.

Various further places in Paris were also attacked by terrorists.

Our thoughts and love are with all the victims and their families.