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View of Le Trianon's Website
Sisters Live News 2011.jpg

Le Trianon, Paris, France

The final gig of Part I of The Sisters of Mercy's

30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011.

This time, a DJ entertained the audience before The Sisters got on stage.

At the end of the show a load of beach-volley balls were thrown into the crowd ...

For reviews and everything look from about

here at the Heartland Forum.

Remark: Audience recordings from this concert are in circulation among the fanbase.

And so are various bootlegs, partly based on MP3s from original HQ audience recordings.



First Encore

Second Encore

Le Trianon had a pretty, animated, interactive website at the time, but it no longer has. Their 360° view of the venue is still available, though (needs flashplayer).