Low Power 12"

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Low Power 12" - Cover (generic cut-out sleeve)

This Belgian 12" bootleg-single release contains a dance-oriented remix version of Alice,

somewhat similar to the 12" Alice (Dirty Funker Mixes) single.

Release Notes

  • Label: Low Power
  • Catalogue#: Low Power 1
  • Format: 12" vinyl
  • Released: 14 February 2005 (Belgium)
  • Run-out grooves:
LOWPOWER 001 A andreas at schnittstelle and
LOWPOWER 001 B andreas at schnittstelle


  • Comes in a generic white DJ-sleeve, without any information.
  • The labels show a b/w print of the Low Power logo, with consists of a close-up of parts of the letters.
Sides are indicated as "LOWSIDE" and "POWERSIDE" without any information on the tracks.
  • The records are pressed on black vinyl.


  • The present recording of the song Alice is an extended re-mixed version
It has a long intro with different drums and also a different ending.
  • Remix by E"P"B

Low Power 12" - Label (Lowside)
Low Power 12" - Label (Powerside)

Track List



  • Shack Up
- re-edited version of the track taken from the single with the same title
  by British post-punkers A Certain Ratio

- re-edited version of the cover song taken from from the according single by Devo