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Cover of the book (front)
Cover of the book (back)

This 72-page book about The Sisters of Mercy is

an Italian fan-edition accompanied by either

a 7" vinyl bootleg or a 3" CD-single.

The book itsef includes a history of the band,

a gigography, a discography and most of the

lyrics up to 1987.

The lyrics are given in English and Italian

language. The translations of the lyrics are,

however, partly - hilarious ...

Still, there are plenty more entertaining

features to this book.

Release Notes

  • Label: Stampa Alternativa
  • Catalog#: SCONC 007
  • Format: 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Released: 1988 (Italy)

LIFE - 7" vinyl, label side a
LIFE - Free Mini-CD Single

LIFE - Free CD cover sheet
LIFE - 7" vinyl, label side b


  • A free 7" single or a free 3" CD-single was included to the book.
    The CD-version seems to be harder to find, whereas the vinyl is also offered regularly
    as an individual item in (online) auctions, mostly under its tracks title Emma - Ghostrider.
  • The run-out grooves etched into the vinyl are SCONC 007-A / SCONC 007-B.
  • The tracks are the same on both, the 7" and the CD.


- and falsely credited to "A. Suicide - M. Suicide"

Track List

A.   Emma 6:32
B.   Ghostrider      8:45

Additional Pictures

- Please click into pictures for larger views...-

LIFE - Book with CD-single
The book contains a Sisters Family Tree.
LIFE - Reverse with vinyl single
LIFE - Body And Soul lyrics page
LIFE - Double page with pictures
LIFE - Heartland lyrics page