Kill The Lights

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Kill The Lights - Cover (front)
Kill The Lights - Cover (back)

This bootleg-LP is the sixth Palazzograssi production, which contains only demo and alternative versions
of songs from the Floodland Era as well as from the years before.

German magazine SPEX -
Cover of the issue released in Jannuary 1988

Release Notes

  • Label: Palazzograssi
  • Catalogue#: PG 06
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1990


  • Limited Edition of 1.500 copies
  • The cover shows an image of Andrew Eldritch in white fencing cloth on a white background.
The photo was shot by German photographer and music magazine SPEX co-founder
Wolfgang Burat for the front page of the issue of January 1988.
  • The Japanese letters on the bootleg cover back mean "The Sisters of Mercy".
  • Plain white labels
  • A limited edition of 5 box-sets does also exist (see additional pictures down below)


  • Tracks B1 - B3 are demos from 1983.
  • Track B5 (Walk Away) is an alternative version, commonly know as Disco-Mix.

Track List

Kill The Lights - Cover (front) with vinyl (white labels)

Side A:

  1   Flood I
  2   Lucretia
  3   Never Land
  4   Untitled II
  5   Driven Like The Snow
  6   Flood II

Side B:

  1   Afterhours
  2   Lights
  3   Fix
  4   Good Things
  5   Walk Away

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Kill The Lights...

Additional Pictures and Information


  • A box-set edition of Kill The Lights does exist as well. It is limited to 5 units and includes a certificate and a white T-shirt showing the cover art.
    This box set is one of the rarest and most precious Sisters bootlegs to find. Anyway it has NOT been made by Palazzograssi, and was released
    some time later towards the end of the 1990ies.

Kill The Lights - Bootleg box with certificate
Kill The Lights - Bootleg box set content as advertised in online auctions
Kill The Lights - Shirt as included in box set

Kill The Lights - Disc

  • For some time, the photo of the picture-CD-disc,
    you see on the left-hand side, has been circulating.
    This item is also titled Kill The Lights...

    There is, however, nothing known about neither its
    content, nor its origin, and it is generally taken for
    granted, that this is a home-made CD-r, rather than
    a serious bootleg product.

    Any additional information about this one, should
    nonetheless be very welcome ... ;-)