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10. Festiwal Legend Rocka, Dolina Charlotty, Słupsk, Poland

2016 08 05 Ticketpromo.jpg

The second festival gig for The Sisters of Mercy in Summer 2016, this time at the famous Polish "Rock Legends Festival".

As the name of the festival already says, the organisers have devoted themselves to bringing the world's legendary rock acts to the Polish audience.

Among the bands invited to perform here in former years were Bonnie Tyler, Ten Years After, Maggie Reilly, Chris Norman, T.Rex, Wishbone Ash, Slade, Focus, Eric Burdon, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and many more...

For reviews and everything possibly coming up, please check in @The Heartland Forums...

Ticket stub

Band / Line-up

The Sisters of Mercy, Crash And Burn, 05.08.2016


The Sisters of Mercy, Dominion/Mother Russia, 05.08.2016

First Encore

Second Encore

Some more videos

The Sisters of Mercy, Lucretia, My Reflection, 05.08.2016
The Sisters of Mercy, First And Last And Always, 05.08.2016
Festiwal Legend Rocka - Excerpts: More (part), Body Electric, Marian, Giving Ground (part) and This Corrosion

Our thanks go to the kind contributors of these wonderful videos here.

Check their channels and you will find more great treasures...