Wed, 30-Nov-2011

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Le Bikini.jpg

Le Bikini, Toulouse, France

Le Bikini was one of the famous French venues, The Sisters of Mercy had dreamed of to play in 2011 ....
Sisters Live News 2011.jpg

Take a virtual walk around that lovely location ... ;-)))

And check the according Heartland thread for reviews and more ...

An audience recording of this concert is circulating among the fanbase, and also a second one
titled Le Bikini Toulouse 30 Nov 2011. An audience video DVD from this concert exists as well,
see Le Bikini Toulouse 2011 (DVD).

You can also watch this concert track by track (up to This Corrosion) here @this French-language Sisters Forum..., brilliant sound ... in loads of fog ... :-)) ...


  • Intro
The Sisters of Mercy @Le Bikini, Toulouse, 30.11.2011 - The Full Show - * Our thanks for this go to lasyboylive

First Encore

Second Encore