Watch (flexi)

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Watch - Flexi Cover (front)

A Russian flexi of the song Watch.

This one seems to be more rare than others as even pictures of it are hard to find.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 4732
  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi
  • Released: unknown, originally during the late 1980s/early 1990s
Watch - Flexi Disc (clear)
Some represses of all flexis have also appeared recently in
online auctions, though not necessarily of this one.
  • Place of Release: Russia


  • The song is recorded in mono only on one side - there is no b-side - and it plays at 45 rpm.
  • The cover consists of a b/w computer print on plain paper.
  • This flexi does allegedly exist in clear, brown, red and yellow vinyl colour.
We are very pleased that we can present you some pictures of the clear version and the cover now
and send our thanks to the kind contributors... :-))) ...
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