War On Drugs (tablature)

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War On Drugs by centurionofprix

(based on London 2000; Adam would improvise different figures around the central idea)

The lyrics to this song are available here and also on The Sisters very own lyrics page.


Lead guitar before the verse (improvise around the Am chord):

E |-0-------------|---------------|
B |-1-------------|---------------|
G |-2--1-1h2-1----|-5--4-5s7-5-4--|
D |-2---------2---|---------------|
A |-0-------------|---------------|
E |---------------|---------------|

Lead guitar during the verse, again freely improvising:

E |----------------------------------0-
B |-0h1-0h1-0h1-0h1-0h1-1h3p1-0h1-0--1-
G |----------------------------------2-
D |----------------------------------2-
A |----------------------------------0-
E |-------------------------------------

Rhythm during the verse:

Am------Am---C--Bm-- (played as power chords):

E |-------|-------|-------|-------|
B |-------|-------|-------|-------|
G |-2-----|-(2)---|-2-----|-5--4--|
D |-2-----|-(2)---|-2-----|-5--4--|
A |-0-----|-(2)---|-0-----|-3--2--|
E |-------|-------|-------|-------|

(silent for the first two bars of the verse, starts with Am-C-Bm)


D---C--Bm-Am----- (played as power chords)

E |-------|--------|-------|-------|
B |-------|--------|-------|-------|
G |-7-----|-5----4-|-2-----|-2-----|
D |-7-----|-5----4-|-2-----|-2-----|
A |-5-----|-3----2-|-0-----|-2-----|
E |-------|--------|-------|-------|

To add to the above, the chorus of War On Drugs has the lead guitar 
play the full chords D, C, Bm and Am, ending on a barre Am chord:

E |-2--0--2--5---
B |-3--1--3--5---
G |-2--0--4--5---
D |-0--2--4--7---
A |----3--2--7---
E |----------5---

Sometimes Adam would also play arpeggios around the chords or get funky on the whammy bar.