Vision Thing (flexi)

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Vision Thing - Flexi Cover (front)
Vision Thing - Flexi in plastic wrap
For another view look also here...
Vision Thing - Flexi (clear) with full print
Vision Thing - Flexi (clear) with full print, view from cover back

This Russian Flexi contains The Sisters' song Vision Thing.

The pictures left and right seem to suggest that this

and possibly other flexis have been re-produced to

further profits...

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 2469-x
  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi-disc single
  • Release date: late 1980s / early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Russia


  • Only one side of this flexi is recorded
and features the track Vision Thing
  • There is no b-side.
  • The recording is in mono.
  • It's not known whether the mix on here is
the album version, or the Canadian Club Remix.
  • Allegedly, the cover is a b/w computer print on plain paper.
  • The flexi is made of clear vinyl with an all over print on it.

  • NOTE:
This is the only flexi known to have an all over print.
  • This flexi is also available with the common flexi layout
    in clear, brown, blue, red and yellow vinyl colour.
    No pictures of these have so far been found.

Additional Pictures

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Vision Thing - Flexi Disc (blue)
Vision Thing - Flexi Disc (brown)
Vision Thing - Flexi Disc (clear)
Vision Thing - Flexi Disc (red)