Tue, 30-Mar-1982

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B/w-scan of the Announcement Poster

F-Club, Leeds, England

One of the seven known gigs of The Sisters of Mercy in 1981/2 with the F-Club events series in Leeds.

According to the poster below and the b/w-scan of that poster on the right,

the event took place at Tiffany's on the second floor of Merrion Centre, Leeds.

Apart from The Sisters of Mercy and Craig Adams' former band Expelaires more of the usual suspects

of F-Club events convened for Easter celebrations, such as Vena Cava, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry and

The Three Johns...

An interesting read about this event can be found in the blog I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan

under the entry F-Club Finale - Leeds, 30th March 1982

Recordings from this concert do not exist. Any further information should be very welcome.


- unknown -

Announcement Poster

Band Line-up 1983 bw.jpg