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Cover (front)

The first album by The MK Ultra - the trance, industrial, synth-pop successors of James Rays Gangwar -

launched in 1994 on The Sisters' label Merciful Release.

Release Notes

  • Format: CD / LP
  • Catalogue#: MREL002 / MFR133-1816242
  • Released: 1994 (UK)

Credits / Remarks

  • Cover artwork by George Snow
  • We have no information about who - apart from James Ray -
    the actual band members and/or musical contributors to The MK Ultra were.
  • The CD back cover notes:
                     CONCEPTION TO DECEPTION

  • A vinyl LP version of this release does exist, but is extremly hard to be find.

Track List

This Is This - CD Cover (back) in case
Track Duration
1    Regeneration    3:49
2    Drug Free U.S.A.    5:04
3    Everybody    4:51
4    Skin    6:25
5    Trip Me Up (Free Your Mind)                                                 5:13
6    Automation Temptation    4:56
7    F.U.C.K.    6:21
8    Trip Down    4:37
9    This Is This    4:16

Regeneration is a remix of the earlier James Rays Gangwar song "Third Generation",

released in 1993 on the album with the same title on the Surgery label.

See also our James Ray Discography and above all James Ray Official Site,

where you can check for a listen to all the tracks mentioned here...

Additional Pictures

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This Is This - CD Front Inlay (outside view)
This Is This - CD Front Inlay (inside view)
This Is This - Disc
This Is This - Disc in Tray
This Is This - CD Cover (back)