Spiral Scratch 7" Interview Single

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Spiral Scratch - Cover Issue I Sept/Oct 1988

An 7" interview single that was given away for free

Spiral Scratch - Interview Single (Vinyl Side A)

with Issue 1 (Sept/Oct 1988) of the then newly introduced

UK music collector's magazine Spiral Scratch.

Release Notes

  • Label: Spiral Scratch
  • Catalogue#: Scratch 1
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: September 1988 (UK)


  • Limited Edition of 10.000 copies
  • The singles are hosted in a white die-cut sleeve.
  • As with time in some households, those sleeves as well as the Spiral Scratch issues themselves disappeared over the decades, the singles are nowadays partly offered in a biography sleeve
    like in the pictures down below.
  • Mostly, the singles are pressed on black vinyl.
  • A limited number of 200 are pressed on clear vinyl.
  • The labels for both editions are the same showing
    - on Side A a b/w picture of Andrew Eldritch in front of a microphone
    - on Side B the Spiral Scratch logo and the details of this release.
Spiral Scratch - Issue I with Interview Single (Side B
  • The according feature inside the magazine includes several
    photos and a History of The Sisters of Mercy's live performances
    from 1981 to 1985, partly listing also the songs performed during
    these concerts.
Spiral Scratch Interview - Clear Vinyl

Source / Credits

  • Total duration of the full interview: ca. 15 minutes
  • Total duration of the parts featured on this single: ca. 6:30 minutes
  • Whether one of these other bootlegs has the complete version of the interview, we do not know (as yet).

Track List

A  An Interview with Andrew Eldritch 3:15
B  An Interview with Andrew Eldritch - Part II                     3:05

Interview Details

  • Fan feedback on records
  • Records Distribution - New album & US Tour

Additional Pictures

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Spiral Scratch Interview Single (Label Side A)
Spiral Scratch Interview Single (Label Side B)
Spiral Scratch - Interview Single,
here in a so-called Biography Sheet Cover
Spiral Scratch Magazine with Interview Singel
Spiral Scratch Music Magazine - Issue I Sept/Oct 1988
with interview single and feature on The Sisters of Mercy
Spiral Scratch Magazine including
History of The Sisters' Live Performances