Sat, 21-Aug-1993

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"Off The Street", Town And Country Club, Leeds, UK

This was a benefit event for the Homeless Off The Street Fund ...

where Eldritch appeared as guest singer with the Utah Saints.

A good way into their set, he entered the stage and they did Gimme Shelter together.

Later, a Thank You CD and LP was published including songs from all participating bands.

The Sisters' contribution to this release was, however, not the Eldritch live performance of

Gimme Shelter with the Utah Saints, but the tracks Sandstorm / Untitled, most likely

the version from The Sisters' Dominion CD-single.

T-shirts for the benefit event were also sold at the gig, featuring the names of the contributing bands,

see pictures down below, where you can also find a few pictures from Eldritch's appearance with the Utah Saints

The Utah Saints' setlist featuring Gimme Shelter

In addition, the Utah Saints' gig (and probably more gigs from this event) was recorded from the audience.

The quality of these recordings seems debatable, though.

If you want to find out more about them, check the according thread at the Heartland Forums...

Snippet from UTR 8 announcing the ensuing Thank You CD Release

A Few Photos From The Gig

Our thanks for all the photos from the event go to David Whytworth, who first supplied the original prints for use in The Sisters of Mercy's very own fanzine
Underneath The Rock (UTR) Issue VIII, pages 18 and 19 under the pen name Samuel Barnsdore. Check out his website and you might find more great treasures ...

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Andrew Eldritch and the Utah Saints
Shirt (front)
Shirt (back)
Andrew Eldritch & the Utah Saints
Andrew Eldritch
Andrew Eldritch
Andrew Eldritch...