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Metropolis - Motörhead Live Dusseldorf 2005

Metropolis was originally released by Motörhead on their album Overkill.

The Sisters of Mercy quoted the song during the longest Sister Ray Medley ever

within the last encore of their performance at Supercrash Festival, Rendsburg, Germany in 1997.

An audience recording from that concert is in circulation among the fanbase.

Overkill - Cover (front)


Metropolis, the worlds collide,
Ain't nobody could be on your side,
I don't care, I don't care.

Metropolis is something new,
Ain't nobody got their eye on you,
I don't care, it's nowhere

Metropolis, the worlds collide
Ain't nobody on the other side
I don't care, I'm not there.

Words & Music: Ian Kilmister, Philip Taylor, Edward Alan Clarke
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.