Heartland - Anaconda

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Due to the motive on the cover front, this 7" vinyl bootleg is widely known as the "Headshot Single".

Heartland - Anaconda - 7" Single cover (front)
Heartland - Anaconda - 7" Single cover (back)

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: MR 015
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1987



  • Both tracks were recorded live at
Melkway, Amsterdam, NL on 2nd June 1984


  • The cover as a whole is designed to imply an official release, including the catalogue# MR015.
It has a thumb cut to the right side of the back. The catalogue# does, however, refer to the Alice single.
  • The vinyls runt at 45 rpm and come with plain white labels without any information.
It shows the scene when captured and hand-cuffed Viet Cong Captain Nguyễn Văn Lém was summarily executed through a headshot
in the open road by Vietnamese Chief of National Police Nguyễn Ngọc Loan.
  • The original photo was taken in b/w and is toned here in light pink.

Additional Pictures

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Heartland - Anaconda - Cover (front) with vinyl
Heartland - Anaconda - Cover (back) with vinyl