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Fix - Flexi Cover Front - print as offered in online auctions -
Fix - Flexi Cover Front (Long Version) - scan of real item -

This Flexi contains The Sisters' song Fix

and exists in two versions, the covers of which

show no apparent difference and have

the same catalogue#, while the song lengths

differ remarkably.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 2612
  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi-disc
  • Released: late 1980s or early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Russia (originally)

Fix - Flexi Cover Front (Short Version) - scan of real item -
  • Recorded only on one side; there is no b-side. The recording is in mono and plays at 45 rpm.
  • The cover consists of a b/w computer print on plain paper, which does not fully enfold the flexi
to let show the vinyl colour to the outside.
  • The flexi is available in clear, blue and green vinyl; of the latter two no picture has surfaced as yet.


  • This flexi comes in two version with apparently the same cover and definitely the same catalogue#,
but the song lengths differ. While the shorter version fades out at around 2:00 min., the longer track
plays on until about 2:40 min. Both versions do, however, not give the song in full length.


It is not known, however, whether the long or the short version was used for that item.

Additional Pictures

- Please click into files for larger views -

Comparing these pictures shows clearly the different length of the grooves: the groove on the left side is longer than the groove of the flexi on the right side.

Fix - Clear Flexi (long version)
Fix - Clear Flexi (short version)