Filmic Delights

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Filmic Delights shining over the crowd and The Sisters stage at Suikerrock Festival 2015

Starting with the SISTERS XXX Tour in 2011/2012, The Sisters of Mercy's concerts have, time and again, been accompanied by video screenings left and right the stage,

where circumstances might have wanted for that. The above and the below scenes show the most recent appearance of this feature @Suikerrock Festival in Summer 2015.

The first Filmic Delights were compiled by AshTV on the occasion of the 30th Stage Anniversary Birthday Gig at The Stage, Leeds Met Students' Union, Leeds, UK

The screenings consist of movies scenes, often from old Japanese and American cult movies, which, as far as we gathered, vary from tour to tour.

Some further stills

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Filmic Delights39.1.jpg Filmic Delights4.1.jpg
Filmic Delights13.1.jpg Filmic Delights20.1.jpg Filmic Delights24.1.jpg

  • Our thanks for all these pictures go to Heartland Forum members DocSommer and Joy.