You Could Be The One (song)

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Released in 1990 as the B-side of More (single), which preceded the launch of The Sisters of Mercy's third album Vision Thing.

The 2006 Rhino CD re-release of Vision Thing includes, however, a version of You Could Be The One


More - 12" single cover (front)

All gods children give good phone
I called Jesus, he's not home
So I'm so pleased to talk to you
Trees and walks I love them too
Threatened species they adore me,
Flower children never bore me
But all the this you share
Are better left unsaid
When you can give me there
And run your fingers through my hair

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, You could be the one
We can meditate
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, You could be the one
Let's call it fate
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, You could be the one
To get your flowers pressed
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, You could be the one
Just get undressed

Vision Thing - LP cover (front)

I'm so glad to find you here
Mystic people they're so dear
I don't like the rest
Your signs the best
Whatever it is
I'm most impressed
I don't need to understand
The laying on of hands
I'm in a hurry to get my collar straight
Life is short and I can't wait
But don't worry about the state
Of this pretty little thing in the armour plate


I'm so pleased that you believe
Just open up a little let the good times in
We're, going fo a ride
Destiny can't be denied
But all those precious things are better left unsaid
When you can keep me here
And run your fingers though my hair


Love, is all you need.

There is no indication on the single whatsoever as to who has written the music and lyrics to this song.
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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