Tue, 10-Apr-1984

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Danceteria, New York City, USA

Allegedly the starting gig of the US Spring Tour in 1984,

there is, however, nothing known about this concert, and it is not listed in The Sisters' Official Gigography.

Possibly, this date got mixed up with the concert on April 13th, 1984 at Danceteria?

There were definitely two shows at Danceteria this week, I don't recall the exact dates but I attended both. I was an overnight DJ at a college station this spring and had already bought tickets for one show (I suspect Friday) and gave away a few tickets to a second show and I kept one for myself. I was at both shows, can't recall the setlist or much else. I wasn't sleeping a lot back then!

- Reverber8 -

Any further information should be very welcome!!!

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