Thu, 06-May-1982

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The Warehouse Club, Leeds, England

A Sisters of Mercy support act with The Birthday Party  ? ... Unfortunately, not.

For decades, there was nothing known about this gig apart from the fact
that it is mentioned here at songkick.

Recenctly though, and thanks to common efforts, research and discussions among
The Sisters of Mercy fanbase, Dino Wiand, who is closely connected to the original
Warehouse Club, The Birthday Party fanbase (including their website From The
) and The March Violets on facebook, it has now been confirmed that
The Sisters of Mercy did not open for The Birthday Party on this day, but had
their first support act with them at Zig Zag Club London two months later. In fact,
it were The March Violets, who supported The Birthday Party on 6 March 1982
here at The Warehouse Club.

Everything about these events and the according communications and research has been very entertaining and thoroughly compiled at the blog
I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan  under the entry The Birthday Party, Leeds Warehouse, 6th May 1982.

Some Additional External Links Concerning The Warehouse

- an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post of Friday 28 May 2010 including a history
  and an extended interview with the late founder and former owner of the club
- the official website of the club under its current owners - here: the "History" page