Sun, 13-Dec-1981

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Gig Announcement

Tiffany's, Merrion Centre, Leeds, England

The Tiffany's Fan Club Xmas Party in 1981 featured various local bands,

indcluding The Sisters of Mercy, The Expelaires, i.e. Craig Adams' former band,

The Three Johns, The Danse Society and Vena Cava.

Most of the time, Claire Shearsby was the Aftershow DJ at these events.

This was to be one of the famous F-Club events, which took place regularly

at varying venues in Leeds in the early 1980s.

The concert is not listed in The Sisters' Official Gigography,

all existing evidence for it is the poster here on the left,

which we have captured from this pretty page... about the Expelaires.

According to a recent discussion on the Expelaires Facebook Page, the gig

was cancelled as there was too much snow in Leeds on that evening.

  • Our thanks for this picture go to the original photographer.


- none, this gig was cancelled -

Any further information is always very welcome!