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E-WERK Cologne Get Well Soon.jpg

E-WERK, Cologne, Germany

After a cut-short gig in Berlin on Thursday, a lovely show in Leipzig the next evening, and Saturday for a day of rest,
The Sisters of Mercy were set to play E-WERK, Cologne Sunday night. But hell, Cologne is obviously not the best
of places for any sort of upswing for everyone (as some inhabitants of that city can easily confirm ...)

Opening act were The Virginmarys like for all the European tour dates this year. They performed their full set ending
with their drums, technically spoken, get "fucked" and singer Ally Dickaty had to play the last track solo with his guitar.

A short break, and the intro for The Sisters show started ... impressive sounds filling the hall ... ever longer... and longer ...
Finally, around 9.25pm, a speaker entered the stage, possibly the same person as in Berlin, and declared The Sisters
performance cancelled, adding "It's definitely not what you think, he's really not well, so unfortunately the concert cannot
take place."

While this announcement was of course not what anybody had hoped for, it did not come as that much a surprise, either,
and worries and good wishes for a sound recovery widely outweighed all sorts of upcoming disappointment and anger among
the audience.

Anyway, all we can offer is a heaven and hell load of good wishes, energies and vibes to Andrew Eldritch and a few videos
from The Virginmarys performance tonight (in lack of a recording of the very long and interesting intro for The Sisters show).

The new date for this concert is Sunday, 21 January 2024, see also this thread @The Heartland Forums.

The Virginmarys @E-WERK, Cologne, 8 October 2023 - a few vids

The Meds
Into Dust
You're A Killer
Where Are You Now?
Look Out For My Brother
Keep Me On The Run

Many thanks to the contributors of the videos here.

Check their channels and you will definitely find more treasures there.