Snub Nose

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Snub Nose - performed by Near Meth Experience
live at Joseph's Well, Leeds, England, 02.08.2005

One of the few Sisters instrumentals.

The music was written by Adam Pearson and gives a great example of Pearson's power of observation
and his capacities to transfer these into music.

The track was first performed live at M'era Luna Festival, Hildesheim-Drispenstedt, Germany in 2000
of The Sisters of Mercy's Trip The Light Fantastic Tour, during which its name changed with every gig
from Snub Nose to Or Whatever, Adam Decides, This Night, Hinkathonic, Protosonic, Number's Called
and !. The song found its eventual title in Top Nite Out and has remained a recurring part of the setlist
ever since.

The full concert including the premiere of Snub Nose can be found on various bootleg-CDs such as
Trip The Light Fantastic, Bei Mir Bist Du Schön and M'eldtrich Luna.

The term "snub nose" might refer to a certain form of the human nose,
but also to a specific revolver build, a venomous viper species,
a certain monkey spezies, mugger crocodiles...