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Unreleased song, first played live 1 April 2003 at Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany.

For a very long time, the song was simply called Slept

though the full title of this song is in fact I Have Slept With All The Girls In Berlin ...


... Shake me down again
... Shake me down and then
... Shake me down again
I can wake up in this zoo

I've been used and abused
I've been chased and I've been bruised
I can take what I've been to
I've been naked on the news
I've been debased and disabused
Just leave me downtown when you're through
      Turn me over
      Turn me in
      I have slept with all the girls in Berlin

Girls on smoke and girls on weed
Girls on coke and girls on speed
Girls who choke and girls who smile
Girls who swallow in denial
Girls in crisis, ultra-hipped
Weird as Isis, wide as Egypt
Girls in cars and girls on ships
Girls in bars and girls on strips
Girls on journeys, girls on trips
Girls on gurneys, girls on drips
And a girl too far with pale blue lips so shake me down again

Girls like you with poison tips
Girls like you like pistol whips
Girls in over-zealous green
With a third degree in jealousy so
      Turn me over
      Turn me in
      I have slept with all the girls in Berlin

Lyrics: Andrew Eldritch / Music: Adam Pearson
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.