Silver Machine

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Originally released by Hawkwind in 1972.
The video on the right side shows Hawkwind doin' Silver Machine live on stage
at Ruisrock Festival, Finland on 10th July 2004, joined by Motörhead frontman Lemmy for that one track.

The Sisters of Mercy covered Hawkwind's Silver Machine only few times, mostly within medleys,
twice during their 1993 summer tour at the first gig on 10 July at the Leysin Festival in Switzerland
and at the last gig in Losheim at the Rock Am See-Festival on September 4th in Germany.

A verse of the song was also part of the Sister Ray-Medley at the Pukkelpop-Festival, Hasselt, August 1992
At Keighley Fun House in March'82, The Sisters of Mercy used Silver Machine as an encore.

Silver Machine has been covered widely. Among others, the Utah Saints contributed a cover of the song
to the 1996 compilation Future Reconstructions – Ritual of the Solstice.


I, I just took a ride
in a silver machine
and I'm still feeling mean

Do you want to ride
see yourself going by
The other side of the sky
I got a silver machine

It flies sideways through time
It's an electric line
To your Zodiac sign

I got silver machine (3x)
8mile silver machine

It flies out of a dream
It's anti-septically clean
You're gonna know where I've been
In my silver machine

Music and words: Robert Calvert/Dave Brook
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.