Sat, 02-May-2009

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2009 05 02 Beirut.jpg
Tour Logo 2009

Concert Poster

Forum de Beyrouth, Beirut, Lebanon

Part of the Middle East leg of The Sisters' 2008/2009 Ocean To Ocean / Mechanised Tour.

The very first gig of The Sisters of Mercy in Lebanon.

And plenty discussions around it @The Heartland Forums Archives ...


Band Line-up 2006-2012.JPG


Some Videos

Some views from the event starting with Crash And Burn by The Sisters of Mercy and ending with some outlooks on the Lebanese coast
Forum de Beyrouth, 02.05.09 - Some impressions from The Sisters show featuring We Are The Same, Susanne

Many thanks to the lovely uploaders of these videos.

Check their channels and you might possibly find more beautiful treasures.