Police Car

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Police Car - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock Festival 2015

A song originally by Larry Wallis released in 1977.

A live version of the track was also featured on the 1977 Live Stiffs Live album.

The Sisters of Mercy covered the track for the first time during their concert @ Suikerrock 2015.


I'm armed and dangerous
I prowl the streets at night
I howl when I get the scent
And turn on my flashing light
I sit in the shadows
Waiting for a fight
If you see a grin in your rear-view mirror
It's a hungry black and white

Larry Wallis - Police Car 1977 Single

Coz I'm a police car
Police car
I'm a police car
Police Car

Hey kid, you need to score
And there ain't no help in sight
Why not hit the licqour store
The one that stays awake all night
There ain't no one around to see,
Just the night shift cleaning the street
And with the breeze
Hold it, freeze
The garbage truck is the heat

Police Car (live) - Larry Wallis

I got a shortwave, memory
The facts just can't be beat
I keep two friends along for company
And a shotgun under my seat
I got speed, I got power
I got a V8 heart
Don't try to run, forget the gun
I'll cut you down before you start

Wait a minute sucker, let's you and me go for a ride

Music: & Lyrics: Larry Wallis
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.