On The Beach (song)

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The Sisters of Mercy live @Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 30.10.2022, the first performance of On The Beach - *** many thanks to ozjohn1 for the upload!!!

  While the world was awaiting some eventual release from the zombie virus grip in 2021

  and The Sisters of Mercy had to move their already rescheduled spring tour again to

  autumn that year, (and sadly not for the last time), the lyrics to a new song appeared

  on the band's Live News Page on February 25th, 2021, to be exact.

  It's title: On The Beach.

  Discussions soon started among the fanbase, see NEW SONGS  

On The Beach got first performed live

@Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia on 30 October 2022.


- from the official live news page -


in the fever dreams of alice I have seen the walking dead
I have been there at the border whither malice goons are led
I have seen them dig their boonies where the ignorants are bred
do them in the head

we are rievers by conviction, we're believers in the bus
we will steal what we cannot buy when all is stole from us
we are whole in our fracture, we are even in our each
when dog eat dog we're honoured on the beach

a thousand thousand souls have never seen the sea
you'll never hurt more as damnation's hi-viz entity
transaction's tabard's not a thing to keep you keep afloat
the chevaliers are on a boat
it's not your boat

all states have a border
that's the reason
that's the order
inside and outside, on the beach

we're parked and yet we're not
we're on the sand
this can go two ways