Giving Ground (single)

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Giving Ground - 7" cover (front)
Giving Ground - 7" cover (back)

Giving Ground was the spoiler-single released by

Andrew Eldritch's version of The Sisterhood to stop

Wayne Hussey's and Craig Adams' version of the band

(who later became The Mission) using The Sisterhood

as their band name. The fact that Giving Ground had

become a good record was allegedly a matter of pure

fortuitous coincidence. The validity of this assertion

is however debatable, to say the least.

Anyway in releasing this single, Andrew Eldritch

adverted that Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams

could proceed with their commonly founded band

under the name of The Sisterhood.

Giving Ground - 7" label (Side A)
Giving Ground - 7" label (Side AA)

The Sisterhood are: James Ray, Patricia Morrison, Alan Vega, Lucas Fox & Andrew Eldritch.

Further information on the release of the Giving Ground single is also available here @wikipedia.

For first-hand information on the events, please go to The Sisters of Mercy's very own web site...

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: SIS 010
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Time and place of release: 20 January 1986 (UK)


  • Published by RCA Music Ltd/Candelmaesse
  • Giving Ground was followed in July 1986 by the album Gift.

Track List

Side A

Side AA

  • Giving Ground (AV) (instrumental)

Explanation of Abbreviations from The Sisters of Mercy's Official Site ... :

The "Authorised Version" of 'Giving Ground' (AV) is Andrew's original version, and the "Revised Standard Version" (RSV)

is the version developed by colleagues at Merciful Release and subsequently adopted as the standard version.

AV and RSV are well-known versions of the Bible.