Fri, 20-May-1983

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Dingwalls, Sheffield, England

Craig Adams and Ben Gunn on stage at Dingwalls, Sheffield, 20.05.1983
Craig Adams and Andrew Eldritch
on stage at Dingwalls, Sheffield, 20.05.1983
Gary Marx on stage at Dingwalls, Sheffield, 20.05.1983

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Spring Tour of the UK in 1983.

Thanks to the unremitting and dedicated research of Heartland Forums member Nikolas Vitus Lagartija and the support of likewise dedicated forum members and collectors, we are able to confirm that a gig took place on this day at the above mentioned venue.

Anyway, we deeply recommend you read the full story of resolved Sisters Mysteries IV in this wonderful blog ...


- entirely incomplete -

Any further information should be very welcome.

Our thanks do also go to the contributor of these lovely pictures from the gig.

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