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              Tour Dates 2017

The touring year has just started with the above posted announcement. So here are the links and details:

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Monday, 04 September 2017    -    Ancienne Belgique - Brussels - Belgium

The concert is not yet confirmed on The Sisters' Live News Page, but already announced on the venue's website.

Tickets go on pre-sale from February 9th, 2017 at 11:00 am, directly from the Ancienne Belgique website.

According threads for discussion have also been started at The Heartland Forums here and here.

Eventual further upcoming developments will be listed here as usual and as soon as we get aware of them.

Updates are also available either here or in The Heartland Forums' Sisters Chat,

or (in German) at Poison Door Forum...

Anyway, we recommend you keep an eye on what's INCOMING (The Sisters' Twitter account) ... ;-) ... and on The Sisters of Mercy's Official Live News Page ...

To organise meet-ups before any gigs go to either Heartland or Dominion (or for the German-speaking community to Poison Door).

In addition, there is an occasional newsflash at

For information about earlier tours of The Sisters of Mercy, please check Sisters Tours.

We're always looking forward to seeing you again !!!