Wed, 30-August-2000

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Evening Post, 30 August 2000
- Cancellation Notice -
Sisters Trip The Light Fantastic
- Tour Logo 2000 -
Announcement for the two gigs at Rock City, Nottingham

Rock City, Nottingham, England, UK

This gig was meant to be the first UK concert and the first of two gigs at Rock City, Nottingham,

during The Sisters of Mercy's Sisters Trip The Light Fantastic Tour in 2000.

Rock City - Cancellation Info

Unfortunately, Rock City encountered an unforeseen damage to one of their water tanks

and thus were forced to cancel The Sisters' gig.

Tickets had already been sold and it happened at a time too close to the date to inform

all of the audience in good time. Therefore, some only realised the cancellation when they

found the according note on the doors (see here on the left side).

Rock City did however not spare the effort to publish the cancellation and all other according

information in the Evening Post of 30 August 2000.

The second concert at Rock City that year on 3 September 2000 was not effected.

The tickets for the cancelled gig remained valid, however, and the concert was rescheduled

later to 18 February 2001 during Exxile On Euphoria Tour in 2001.

For some additional interesting information on the developments of events, please check SistersTours/30/08/2000...