Wed, 14-Mar-2012

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Mexico El Plaza Condesa.jpg

El Plaza Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

After the enforced cancellation of their gig due to a swineflu warning from the Mexican government in 2009,

The Sisters of Mercy kept to their promise to come to Mexico as soon as possible and played the final gig

of their XXX 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in Mexico City ...


For reviews, pictures and everything, please see the according thread on Heartland Forum ...


  • Intro - watch it here
The Sisters of Mercy @El Plaza Condesa - More

First Encore

Second Encore

Tickets and a few videos from the gig

Tickets for the concert @El Plaza Condesa, Mexico 2012
The Sisters of Mercy @El Plaza Condesa - Intro & Kiss The Carpet
The Sisters @El Plaza Condesa - Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
The Sisters of Mercy @El Plaza Condesa - Marian & Amphetamine Logic
The Sisters of Mercy @El Plaza Condesa - Arms
The Sisters of Mercy @El Plaza Condesa - No Time To Cry - medium sound but incl. some audience reaction

Our thanks go to the lovely contributors of the wonderful photos and videos from the concert here.

Check their channels and you might find more great treasures...