Wed, 06-Oct-1982

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Vanbrugh College, York University, York, England

For some time it was questioned whether this concert might as well have taken place in Leeds, at the Warehouse although that didn't take place.

The present gig is, however, listed in the official Sisters Gigography. Also we have been able to track back that The Sisters of Mercy supported
The Psychedelic Furs on their *** UK Tour in late 1982. The present concert might very well have been one of these gigs. See in this regard also
Songkick/The Psychedelic Furs/Gigography.

*** Source: Dave Thompson: "Beautiful Chaos - The Psychedelic Furs" (Helter Skelter Publishing, 2004, p.108 ff)
Thanks for the hint to Heartland Forum member Fodderstrompf.

Furthermore, some opinions see the tracks Anaconda, Alice and Watch on the 12" vinyl bootleg The Acid Rain as coming from the present gig,
although the cover back clearly names The Sisters gig at Leeds University on the day before as the recording date...

Meanwhile, eventually, an audience recording has surfaced and confirmed the concert and the setlist as follows below.

For an example of the sound quality, please check the still video here on the right side.


- Many thanks to Heartland Forums member Dan for this setlist and the identifiers below. -

The Sisters of Mercy @Vanbrugh College, York, 06/10/82 - Alice       *with many thanks to the uploader  
  1. Kiss The Carpet
  2. Floorshow
  3. Anaconda
  4. Alice
  5. Watch
  6. 1969
  7. Sister Ray

This recording can clearly be differentiated from the above mentioned Leeds gigs as well as
from the following concert @Vanbrugh College on October 15th, 1982 by these identifiers:

  • Kiss The Carpet (during the intro "Hello... We are The Sisters Of Mercy")
  • "floorshow" -> Floorshow
  • Anaconda -> "yeah"
  • Alice (near the end of the song: "turn that f**king light off!")
  • Watch
  • "this ?? old tradition. ... 1969" -> 1969
  • Sister Ray