Wed, 06-Apr-1983

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Concert Poster of the Virgin Prunes gig with no mention of The Sisters of Mercy

Brixton Ace, London, England

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's UK Spring Tour in 1983, here as the support act with the Virgin Prunes.

While the concert poster on the right side does not mention The Sisters of Mercy, the newspager advert

here down left lists "VIRGIN PRUNES + Sisters of Mercy".

There is a relatively famous Live Bootleg from this show based on a mixing desk recording of top sound quality,

see Monochrome. This recording is missing, however, Valentine.

Newspaper Notification Mentioning The Oncoming Gig

An audience recording of very low sound quality,

but including Valentine does exist as well, but

due to this, it is not in circulation.

Eldritch quote from the gig:
  Sometimes I wonder why we do soundchecks ...


NOTE: It is not 100% clarified, whether further tracks were played before Valentine