Victims Of Circumstance (bootleg)

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VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE - Subtitle: Unreleased Recordings (Strawberry Studios 1984)

Victims Of Circumstance Bootleg Cover (front
Victims Of Circumstance Bootleg (inlay

Release Notes

  • this is obviously some homemade bootleg CD(-r) with, however, a pretty and dedicated artwork

At least three further bootlegs with that title exist:

but missing Wide Receiver and featuring several live
tracks instead
various manifestations

Aditional Track Information as on cover inlay

  • The Victims Of Circumstance bootleg first appeared as a tape in the eighties.
It is based around a variety of tracks recorded at Strawberry Studios Stockport in 1984.
Some versions also feature live or non-Sisters tracks.
Victims Of Circumstance Bootleg Back

Track List

  • Serpent's Kiss                         -   Instrumental Demo