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Do note that the account is locked. --Erik Warmelink 21:36, 15 January 2012 (UTC)

I have checked ...
Hoho ... so you are a "world-wide acting vandalising troll user" ... good heavens!
Don't worry, Eric ... I see no reason why we shouldn't go on well ... ;-) ...
Well, "world-wide acting" and "user" are true, but vandalising is false.
"troll" could be true in the old sense: a small provocation to let people who have an extreme point-of-view, show that their POV is extreme, by going of the top (and further). Such a person was said to have "swallowed the bait" "hook, line and sinker". In the old days one removed the hook and had hopefully learned a lesson. On wikipedia, one blocks.
BTW, both Erik and Warmelink end with a 'k'.

I think, I would prefer a page for the song with lyrics, tablature, list of albums/singles on which it appears, and links to videos (for that song) on one page. But perhaps such a page would become too big.

Yeah, that were nice, but indeed such pages were too large. Some pages are very large anyway ... which makes them a little uncomfortable ...
Still, there is a page somewhere in the internet, where someone listed how often and where some songs were played. Unfortunately, these lists end somewhere in time, IIRC ...
As to linking to the videos ... that could be done, I think. Actually, I thought I had done it already, just like the links to the albums and singles ... even with pictures of the according album/single on the page for that song ... see for examples Adrenochrome (song) and This Corrosion (song). However, I've not yet done it for all songs, see Body And Soul (song)... The tablatures are new. Husek has done a few, recently. But not yet all. I think he will go on with that as soon as he finds time... But yes, those which exist already could be linked to on the page for the song as well ...
In general linking to disambiguation page isn't too bad, but for the song some of the meanings aren't needed, like (bootleg) albums or cover bands with a similar name. I don't know (yet) how often those extra meanings appear, and one (or two) extra meanings wouldn't be a problem.

I'm writing to much, I should be editting. Thanks again for the kind welcome. --Erik Warmelink 16:10, 16 January 2012 (UTC)