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Long (Train?) Sisters fanatic since the mid 1980s. Long time member of My Heartland since 2002 where I am known as Andy TG. Happy to update this public information once I have been approved, I mean hopefully, approved. As I said will endeavour to update this section at a later data.

All God's children give good phone I called Jesus, he's not home so I'm so pleased to talk to you Trees and walks, I love them too Threatened species, they adore me Flower children never bore me But all the things you share are Better left unsaid When you can give me head And run your fingers through my hair Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, You could be the one We can meditate Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you could be the one Let's call it fate Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you could be the one To get your flowers pressed Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you could be the one Just get undressed I'm so glad to find you here Mystic people, they're so dear I don't like the rest, your sign's the best Whatever it is I'm most impressed I don't need to understand The laying on of hands I'm in a hurry…