Two In The Nose

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Go Figure - Planned LP coverart (front)

Two In The Nose is a song on the SSV album Go Figure.

It is the third track on the bootleg-LP Feel No Pain and the Screw Shareholder Value CD.

The song has a "delicate" sounding sound every so often, and a flanged synth line. The vocals start at 1'26.

At the bottom of the page, is a still video featuring the audio from the master CD.

There is also a very interesting article about the entire Go Figure album,

the according 3-track EastWest promo-CD, the bootlegs including their sound quality as well as some further pictures

and links in the HEAVYLEATHERSEX blog's bootleg section under $crew $hareholder ¥alue : “Go Figure”.


Two on the back up front
Two on the back behind

Two in the tail

Two on the back up front
Two on the back behind

Two in the tail

Two in the left side and blister
Two in the right side and blister (x2)

Two in the nose (x4)


Feel No Pain - Picture Disc (Side A)
Screw Shareholder Value - CD Cover (front)
SSV - Two In The Nose (from the SSV Master CD)

Music: P. Bellendir / Lyrics: T. Schroeder
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.