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Andrew Eldritch on stage at Doornroosje, Nijmegen 1984

Het Doornrosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

This concert was part of the European leg of The Sisters of Mercy's UK and Europe Spring Tour in 1984.

There's a bit more to read about this lovely venue and the astonishing gig in the wonderful blog

I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan including some photos and stuff

under the entry @What's My Nijmegen...

An audience recording from this concert does exist and is - accompanied by some lovely artwork -

in circulation among the fanbase, see also Nijmegen.

The Sisters of Mercy at Doornroosje, Nijmegen 1984

The Sisters of Mercy at Doornroosje 1984


A few more photos

Andrew Eldritch on stage at Doornroosje 1984
Andrew Eldritch on stage at Doornroosje 1984
This series of photographs shown here

has often been seen over the years

in the media and elsewhere and has widely

been shared worldwide and among the fanbase.

It actually derives from this concert.

Our thanks for these pics go to the kind contributor.