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* [[Alice (song)|Alice]]
* [[Alice (song)|Alice]]
* [[Show Me (song)|Show Me]]
* [[Show Me On The Doll (song)|Show Me On The Doll]]
* [[Dominion (song)|Dominion / Mother Russia]]
* [[Dominion (song)|Dominion / Mother Russia]]

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Announcement of the gig at The Gov in Adelaide

THE GOV, Adelaide, Australia

The second of the Australia and New Zealand dates from the 2019

National Treasure Tour, saw The Sisters Of Mercy arrive in Adelaide,

where they played at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, widely known as THE GOV.

The Sisters last played Adelaide in 2012 as Headliners during the Soundwave Festivals.

Support act: SUBSTRACT S

Reviews and links to photos and press reviews can be found

in this thread @The Heartland Forums.

THE GOV Orange Logo.png

Band / Line-up

The Sisters of Mercy, The Gov, Adelaide, 27.10.2019 - 19 min compilation of songs - More - Crash And Burn - No Time To Cry - Dominion/Mother Russia - Instrumental - Something Fast - Lucretia, My Reflection


  • the still unnamed instrumental
The Sisters of Mercy, The Gov, Adelaide, 27 October 2019 - More


  Our thanks go to the lovely contributors of the videos here.

  Check their channels and you might find more wonderful treasures.