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* [[Alice (song)|Alice]]
* [[Alice (song)|Alice]]
* [[Show Me On The Doll (song)|Show Me On The Doll]]
* [[Show Me (song)|Show Me]]
* [[Dominion (song)|Dominion/Mother Russia]]
* [[Dominion (song)|Dominion/Mother Russia]]

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Advert for the gigs in Poland

A2 - Wrocław - Poland

No Sisters Tour without Poland. This year their first of two concerts took place

at the A2 in Wrocław, which pretty soon sold out.

Support act: A.A.WILLIAMS

For further information, discussions, upcoming reviews and everything,

please check the according thread @Heartland Forum here.

Sold Out A2.jpg

    Band / Line-up



- with many thanks to Heartland Forum member Bartek for the updates straight from the venue

The Sisters of Mercy @A2, Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - No Time To Cry

  and to pista for the lovely animation ...  :- ))) ...

The Sisters of Mercy @A2, Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - Better Reptile
  • That still unnamed instrumental


The Sisters of Mercy @A2, Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - Vision Thing

  Our thanks go to all the lovely contributors of the videos here.

  Check their channels and you might find more wonderful treasures.

Further Videos

Nice, but turn down the volume before listening !
The Sisters of Mercy, Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - Show Me
Same here - 50% volume makes it listenable. A nice performance.
The Sisters of Mercy - Marian
Sadly again - volume 50% and it's halfway ok ...
The Sisters of Mercy - We Are The Same, Susanne
Hell, saddening - volume 50% or less for such a cool performance
- The Sisters of Mercy @A2, Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - Flood II
Ah, another one with good sound...
The Sisters of Mercy @Wrocław, 06.10.2019 - Lucretia, My Reflection
The Sisters of Mercy @Wrocław, 06.10.2019
30 min compilation of songs