Stockholm XXX 2011

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A collection of audience recordings from The Sisters of Mercy 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011...

Alternative self-made cover art (front)
Fanbase-produced cover art (front)
Fanbase-produced cover art (front - inside)

So far, three recordings have surfaced:

Release Notes

  Taper   Position   Lineage   Format   Released
  C.E.   5,71 meter from the left PA
  --> SP-CMC-8 (Cards/SP-ATMIC-MODIF)
  --> SP-SPSB-11 (no roll off)
  --> Edirol R09-HR (24 bit/48 khz)
  --> Audacity (only normalization)
  --> cd wave (splitting)--> MP3(320 kb/s)
  data files (MP3) or CD-r   November 2011
  TREKYTT     5-6 metres from PA-stack
  --> Olympus Stereo Mics --> 48 Khz/16 Bit
  --> WavePad Music Editor --> Songsplit
  --> Volume Boost +3 --> Fade In / Fade Out
  --> Flac Audio Level 8 --> MP3 (HQ - 320 Kbps)
  data files (FLACs / MP3) or CD-r     November 2011  
  n.a.   about twenty meters from stage  
  just in front of the soundboard

  --> Core Sound Binaural microphones sewed to collar  
  --> Core Sound battery box with bass cut activated
  --> Samson Zoom H1 SD recorder
  --> FLAC (48kHz/24bit) unmastered
  data files (FLACs 48/24) or CD-r   November 2011

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Note: All of these are made for personal use only and by no means meant for trade, sale or any other abuse!!!

Copies are in circulation among the fanbase...


  • Excellent up to brilliant sound quality for all of these recordings
  • Thanks for the cover art to Heartland Forum member PlanetDave
  • The alternative self-made cover art comes from this pretty page...


Track List

Fanbase-produced cover art (back)