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SistersWiki: About

The SistersWiki has been set up to pool collective knowledge about The Sisters of Mercy.
This follows a rash of invaluable Sisters related sites being deleted and disappearing into the void during the early 2000s.

We hope that over time this site becomes a useful place for gathering any information about the band.
We welcome you as a reader, editor, author, or contributor of SistersWikiDotOrg, and encourage you to actively take part in it.

Who are we?

We work closely with the folks at Heartland ( and with other Sisters Forums like Poison Door or further Sisters-related communities and sites
with many contributors here posting and/or providing content there as well. Not all users and contributors to SistersWikiDotOrg are members or part of the Heartland Forums or of
any other community, though, and it is not obligatory to join any of these forums in order to contribute here.

If there is any information you can't find at SistersWikiDotOrg, please check the pages listed in our External Links on the Main Page.
And anyway, you’re always welcome to join the Heartland Forums and post your questions there in the Sisters Chat or under Sisters FAQs.
For speakers of other languages than English, please check the forum links on our Main Page.

Important Update Information

In the past, we had encountered an enormous load of spamming, due to which we had to disable all account creation.
This measure fully hindered any potential users from contributing to and editing the SistersWiki.

We are very pleased to inform that from now on, serious contributors can request an account with the SistersWiki again in order to edit pages, upload pictures, create new pages etc.
Just go to the Request Account page and fill in the form. You will have to have your email-address registered in order to retrieve your password, in case you lose it. Next step: answer our Questy-Captcha. This process does afford you to have cookies allowed on your computer. Your request will then be handled by the SistersWiki Administration as soon as possible and either accepted or - denied. The conformation of your account is a second safeguard against spammers and vandals. Your request should hardly be denied, since you will have answered our Questy-Captcha correctly before, see also Captcha Help. For information about privacy issues see our Privacy policy.

Contributions should, of course, be correct, unbiased and comply with copyright laws.
Spam, vandalism and nonsense-pages will be removed immediately, and responsible users get banned infinitely!

Registered users automatically have their own Talk Page. There you might give a short impression of your person, if you please.
This is however not meant to link SistersWikiDotOrg to any commercial content or to promote issues outside the purpose of this project.

In case you have any questions on editing, please do not hesitate to contact the Administrators along the email address you receive with your registration.

Also, if you should get banned unjustifiedly, please let us know and we will see to it.

For those, who do not know about editing and contributing to a wiki, we are preparing a short Editing Help For Beginners.
But this is not done, yet. For the time being, please, avail yourselves of the extensive help pages that can be found at MediaWiki Help.

Thank you very much and enjoy! ... :-)) ... You're welcome! ... :-)) ...

- October 2013 -