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Simon Denbigh is singer with The March Violets and long-time Nurse to Doktor Avalanche, apart from various other occupations and undertakings ...

Look here for an extended interview about all his musical developments from November 2010 ...

In November 2016, a fundraising event for Si Denbigh was initiated by Chris Catalyst, which also included seeing Near Meth Experience on a day off.

See down below for more details and the original alert.

Si Denbigh nursing The Doktor during The Sisters' gig at Ancienne Belgique (B), 23 February 2009

Si On Nursing Duties With The Sisters

The event was a full success and reached its envisaged goal.

Further information about this entirely entertaining evening, running order and stuff is available here as well as @The Heartland Forums here and here.

NOTIFICATION - Si Denbigh Fundraiser Gig, 27th November 2016, Leeds Brudenell Club

- £10 on the door, featuring The Membranes, Chris Catalyst + Utah Saints + SPECIAL GUESTS: NEAR METH EXPERIENCE -

In February 2016, Simon Denbigh suffered a life-changing stroke, which completely paralysed him down his left side. Following six months of physiotherapy (courtesy of the marvellous people at Chapel Allerton Hospital), Simon has finally gained the strength to be allowed home, albeit newly disabled and generally struggling to get around. In order for Si to remain in the flat he has lived in for over 30 years, it needs heavily modifying so that a person with these new needs is able to get around it easily so as to assert his independence. Anyone who knows Simon will be aware of his keenness for independence!

The main aim of this gig is to raise enough money to pay for a fully-kitted out wetroom to replace his current bathrooom, which will allow him to shower independently and do all the things that a proper wet room allows you to do instead of a regular bathroom... We're sure you can fill in the blanks. The quote for this is between £4000 and £5000. (As soon as you put 'disabled' into the request, it seems to add about 50% to the quote.) If there's any extra money left over, it will go into modernising his kitchen, allowing him to cook and clean it more easily.

None of the performers or crew at this gig will be receiving payment for this gig. The Membranes are Manchester's premier post-punk underground group, specialising in thought-provoking and artful energies. Fronted by creative powerhouse John Robb, the band will have just finished a week of dates with The Sisters Of Mercy, and have received rave reviews for their latest album Dark Matter/Dark Energy. Chris Catalyst from The Sisters Of Mercy, Eureka Machines, Ugly Kid Joe and The Ginger Wildheart Band will be opening the show with an acoustic set. Suggested donation on the door of £10. There will also be merch to buy, some March Violets rarities and other bits. There will be no advance tickets for this gig. Get down early.

Can't make it? Please consider a donation in lieu - send via paypal to