Satanic Verses

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Satanic Verses - Cover (front) with vinyls

A double LP bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Tour Thing 1 in 1990

Release Notes

  • Label: Sodium Haze Records / Visioniary Records
  • Catalog#: NRLP 069/070, NRLP 069/070
  • Format: 2x Vinyl LP
  • Released: 1991

Satanic Verses - Cover (front) with vinyls


  • Quality notes: 7/10
(i.e. medium sound quality)
  • The record was produced
by Sodium Haze in France
and is available only as a promo copy.
  • Test pressings for this bootleg are, however,

know to have been made in Hungary, see Satanic Verses (Test Pressing)

  • On the record labels, the Speed Kings are noted as the performing band and
"Visionary Records" are mentioned as either the label or the line of this production
Also the record is titled as "NIGHTMARES" and all songs are credited to S. Willis and P. Carr.
  • A CD-version has also surfaced,, see the pictures below.


Satanic Verses - Cover (back) with vinyls

Track Lists

Record One

A1   First And Last And Always               B1   Dominion/Mother Russia
A2   Lucretia, My Reflection B2   Flood II
A3   Body And Soul B3   Valentine
A4   Detonation Boulevard B4   Heartland
A5   Ribbons B5   Doctor Jeep

Record Two

C1   Amphetamine Logic D1   Jolene
C2   Marian D2   Temple Of Love
C3   Gimme Shelter                                         D3   Something Fast
C4   This Corrosion D4   Vision Thing

Additional Pictures

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Satanic Verses - 2 LP Vinyls

Satanic Verses - Record 1 (Side 1)
Satanic Verses - Record 1 (Side 2)
Satanic Verses - Record 2 (Side 3)
Satanic Verses - Record 2 (Side 4)


Satanic Verses - CD-version Cover Front Inlay (complete)
Satanic Verses - CD-version Cover (back)