Sat, 12-Feb-1983

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Press snippet announcing the gig

Porterhouse, Retford, England

Apart from the announcement on the left and the wonderful pictures new on this page,there is hardly anything known about this gig... although we do have reports of someone who was there, saying:

"One gig I do remember really well was at Retford Porterhouse in February
 1983. It was a small nightclub with two floors. The Sisters I think played
 upstairs. There were only about 30 - 40 people there, and about 10 of them
 (myself included) had travelled down there from Wakefield and Leeds.
 The 'Locals' were not too pleased to have 'Outsiders' in their nightclub!
 But it was okay, they did not bother us. It was a really good gig."

Unfortunately for posterity, that really good gig was not recorded.

However, for some more interesting facts about this concert we recommend
this lovely entry... at the blog spot I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan.
And a few more pictures can also be found down below.


- unfortunately not known -

Any further information should be very welcome.

A few pictures from the gig

- Please click into files for larger views -

Andrew Eldritch, vocals and Ben Gunn, guitar
Gary Marx on guitar