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== Setlist ==
== Setlist ==
*[[Afterhours]] - (Instrumental Intro)
*[[Afterhours]] - (Instrumental Intro) [[File:1993 09 04 Losheim Rock Am See Festival Sisters Photo Pass.jpg|thumb|right|195px|Photo Pass for The Sisters slot]]
*[[Comfortably Numb]] / [[Some Kind Of Stranger]]
*[[Comfortably Numb]] / [[Some Kind Of Stranger]]

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Festival poster consisting of two parts

Rock Am See Festival, Losheim an der Saar, Germany

The last of the summer festivals attended by The Sisters of Mercy in 1993

Headliners: The Sisters of Mercy

Allegedly the "Only Concert In Germany" by The Sisters of Mercy that year.

However, December 1993 saw The Sisters play their Germany-wide Overbombing Tour

starting with a widely bootlegged concert in Vienna, Austria and ending in three UK-shows

in London (2) and Birmingham.

Other acts on the Rock Am See bill were Phillip Boa, Manic Street Preachers,

Terry Hoax, Macka B meets Mad Professor, Das Ich, Sun, and many more.

The Sisters' guitarist Andreas Bruhn was meant to present his act Broon here as well.

"Perhaps", as it said on the announcements on the festival grounds. They did, however,

not appear.

Audience recordings and a video of this show exist and are in circulation among the fanbase.

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  • Afterhours - (Instrumental Intro)
    Photo Pass for The Sisters slot