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Revelations - LP Cover (front)

An early bootleg LP featuring a summer festival gig of The Sisters of Mercy in 1984.

Release Notes

  • Label: Planet Rock Records / P.R. Records Detroit 1984
  • Catalogue#: 601, Pink.Inc.1
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1986


  • Due to repetitive up- and downturns of the volume in general and of Andrew's voice in particular
the sound quality of this bootleg is rated 6.5/10 .
  • Black vinyl with printed b/w labels giving information on the tracks.
  • There is no mention of the bootleg title on the labels.
The record is titled "York Racecourse", rather.
  • Track B5 is spelled wrongly "Gimmie Shelter".
  • The back cover states:

Plain "preliminary" cover

A sort of pre-issue item has also surfaced in an online auction.

It came in a plain white "preliminary" sleeve and stated only the bootleg title,

see the picture here on the left (please click into the file for a larger view).

Since we do not have a picture of the actual vinyl, doubts remain whether

this was not just a cover got lost under circumstances uncleared ...

Recording Source

  • During the actual concert, the intro to Alice was started twice. Craig Adams' bass quit on first attempt, so the band started again. This incident is excluded from the record.

Revelations - LP Cover (back)

Track List

Side I

Side II

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Additional Pictures

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Revelations - Vinyl Side A
Revelations - Label Side A
Revelations - Label Side B